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Welcome to the Mobile Energy Efficiency Portal!

My name is Jim Custard, and I'm a geek with a passion for green energy.

I have created this site with a single purpose: to show the entire world what is happening in the green IT industry fields.

I do this to celebrate companies and people who, just like myself, have already demonstrated their care for our Planet.

Enjoy your stay here! And scroll down a little bit to discover the most recent green energy news.

The best green energy choices for travelers

What type of energy should you choose to power your mobile devices while you are traveling: solar, wind or kinetic? Read this article to discover three solar chargers which include high capacity batteries, a gadget that harnesses wind power to generate green energy, and two devices that utilize kinetic energy to keep your phone and tablet alive.

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Fighting against e-waste by repairing our electronics

Did you know that people bought over 400 million smart phones in the last quarter of 2017? Sadly, many of these devices will be unusable within two or three years. Why is this happening? My guess is that manufacturers prefer to sell you their latest, priciest phone models, rather than help you fix them for a reasonable amount of money. This is one of the key reasons why the amount of e-waste is constantly growing. Kyle Wiens, cofounder and CEO of iFixit, helps people fix their devices by providing detailed repair guides. Read this article to discover how you can help keep the Planet green by asking to have the right-to-repair legislation enacted at the state level.

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The rise of algae-powered fuel cells

Global population is constantly growing, and therefore so does energy demand. Biological solar cells were recently invented, and they use algae's photosynthesis process to convert solar light into electricity. However, charging units, which need to be exposed to direct sunlight, may often conflict with power delivery units, which must be kept cool to convert moving electrons to electricity as efficiently as possible. Researchers have recently managed to build a biophotovoltaic cell with a power density of 0.05 W/ ft2. It's true that this is only 10% of what we've come to expect from solar power cells, but algae have the unique advantage of growing and dividing naturally.

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Bizarre alternative energy sources

Have you ever thought that skimmed whey, a byproduct of the world's famous Beaufort cheese, can be converted into biogas, and thus used to power your devices? That's exactly what a cheese factory in Albertville, Savoie is doing. This article highlights several other unusual methods that allow people to make green energy. And believe it or not, used coffee grounds are on the list as well!

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Top eco-friendly gadgets that help reduce e-waste

Most damaged or obsolete electronics cause a lot of e-waste when discarded. And while we can't eliminate electronic waste for good, we can purchase eco-friendly gadgets, and thus help protect the environment. This article highlights the best eco-friendly laptops on the market, eco-friendly smartphone chargers, USB cell rechargeable batteries, etc.

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Seven battery manufacturers which are green energy leaders


Tesla Inc. is well-known for its innovative, green technologies, but there are more companies, such as East Penn Manufacturing, which are currently investing a lot of money into renewable energy sources. Read this article to discover several battery manufacturers which utilize groundbreaking tech to shape the future of batteries.

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Bitcoin is going green in Iceland


It is well known that the world's most popular cryptocurrency wastes a lot of energy. According to, Bitcoin mining utilizes about 71.12 TWh each year. Still, The Moonlite Project, a London and Pretoria-based company that wants to make bitcoin mining environmentally friendly, intends to power its new data center in Iceland using only hydro, geothermal, and wind sources. Find out more about this interesting project below.

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2017 was a record year for green energy in the UK

Last year was UK's greenest year ever, according to National Grid. Here are a few highlights:

- More than half of energy was generated using low carbon sources;

- For the first time in UK's history, wind, nuclear, and solar produced more power than gas and coal;

- Most wind power was produced in a single day.

- Most electricity was produced from hydro power.

More interesting stats can be found in the article below.

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A look at the green gadgets of the future

Did you know that, according to Data Alliance, about a third of US citizens own at least three Internet-connected devices? So, it's not a surprise that all these gadgets have a serious impact on our environment. Still, several companies have designed products that are energy-efficient: phones that incorporate solar panels, kinetic chargers, and more. Read this article to discover several really cool, really green gadgets.

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Solar-powered gadgets that help you stay green on the go

According to Dr. Salman Ghouri, an oil and gas industry advisor, the role of natural gas in global total primary energy consumption will continue to grow within the next few decades, reaching 30% by 2040. The good news is that solar power performance is constantly growing, and solar cell prices are constantly decreasing. This article presents several cool solar gadgets that will help us keep the Planet green even while we're on the go.

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Celebrate Earth Day by using these eco-friendly gadgets

Read the article linked below if you want to celebrate Earth Day in style. You will discover $5 smartphone cases that are built from recycled and biodegradable materials, over-the-air TV antennas which are made out of 30% recycled cardboard, adapters that help you save energy by controlling home appliances using a regular smart phone, and more.

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Green gadgets that help you reduce high-tech carbon footprint

We all know it: most gadgets are powered by batteries that pollute the environment and aren't properly recycled. Still, there are several products that utilize much less battery power, or don't need batteries at all! Read this article and you will discover a cool looking clock that runs on salty water, a camping coffee maker that can brew your favorite drink without using an electrical outlet, a solar-powered speaker, and so on.

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